Joint project between the national domain operators of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark and the Netherlands.

The aim of the RegeID project is to support the integration of the eID Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) by opening up registrant-services provided by the administrators of the national top level-domains (ccTLD registries) in four European countries (the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia and the Netherlands) to the eIDAS-infrastructure and thus to the citizens of all EU countries. Over the 18 months between January 2020 and June 2021, four registries will be opening up their registrant-services to be accessed through eIDAS, so registrants can log on to services in a different EU-country with their own national eID.

The primary objectives of this project are for four ccTLD registries to offer cross-border identification and validation services to millions of EU registrants, which will be based on legal cross-border recognised eID in order to strengthen the options to adequately combat fraud and cybercrime involving domain name registrations. Furthermore, this will provide increased assurance and trust in internet domains and their usage for online and web services.

Watch this explainer video about the RegeID project and eIDAS.